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J Exerc Rehabil > Volume 12(1);2016 > Article
Kim: The efforts of Korean Society of Exercise Rehabilitation for exercise rehabilitation
Today, modern people are suffering from metabolic diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and various psychologic disorders, such as anxiety, depression. As a result, they experience decrease of body functions due to lack of physical activity. In addition, entry into the aging society has brought a sharp rise in medical costs.
Therefore, the importance of exercise for health is recognized as a social responsibility, which is in need of expansion of the government’s health-related support programs. In addition to the efforts of national policy for the health-related projects, the importance of the academic researches on the mechanisms and effects of exercise have also been suggested.
In addition to the researches for the effects of exercise on the diseases, a need for the researches on the different types of exercise that can be applied to the diverse diseases has been raised. Improving social health through exercise is the answer to solve the problems of modern society. For this, we have to try to get convergence of the related studies as well as the studies for the effect on the individual.
Korean Society of Exercise Rehabilitation is trying to use the Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation (JER) as the international mean to meet these needs. JER has already acquired the status of international journal in the area of rehabilitation exercise, and JER is also trying to achieve convergence with the specialization and internationalization.
Korean Society of Exercise Rehabilitation is also trying to develop application of exercise rehabilitation to the field through the Conference. The title of the 2016 Spring Conference is “Horse riding and academic study of exercise rehabilitation,” and it will be held at Jeju National University (Jeju, Korea), May 21 (Saturday), 2016. The title of the 2016 Autumn Conference is “Academic study on the application and effectiveness of the rehabilitation exercise programs for incurable diseases,” and it will be held in the Gachon University (Incheon, Korea), October 22 (Saturday), 2016. Through these conferences, we can develop various tools for the exercise rehabilitation with the scientific validation of the effectiveness.
Maintaining the health through exercise should be able not only personal happiness practice but also the value that can make an integrated health of society. Thus, the concept of rehabilitation exercises would be pursued as a holistic health services for the prevention and recovery programs made for the purpose of physical, mental, and social health.



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