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J Exerc Rehabil > Volume 13(4);2017 > Article
Abad, do Nascimento, de Souza, Figueroa, Ramona, Sartori, Scapini, Albuquerque, Moraes-Silva, Coelho-Júnior, Rodrigues, Mostarda, De Angelis, and Irigoyen: Interval and continuous aerobic exercise training similarly increase cardiac function and autonomic modulation in infarcted mice
J Exerc Rehabil 2017;13(3):257–265.
To the editor:
I am writing this email because we found that one of the authors of the paper, Dr Leandro, had his last name published incorrectly.
I believe it was an error by one of the authors who submitted the article.
I would ask for your help to change the name of Dr Leandro who was responsible for all the surgical procedures of the study.
I would like to ask for an adjustment from Leandro Eziquiel dos Santos to Leandro Eziquiel de Souza.
Thank you for your attention and apologies for the inconvenience.
Oscar Albuquerque
Corrected 3rd author’s name
Leandro Eziquiel de Souza

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