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J Exerc Rehabil > Volume 19(6);2023 > Article
Jee: Health concerns and treatment of tomorrow
There have been several events that may be recorded as historical events of 2023. Release of artificial intelligence chatbots would be one of them. In the field of healthcare, virtual health administration of remote monitoring and network, telehealth, and hospital robotics have been emerging health care applications along with artificial intelligence applied integrated diagnosis for the upcoming year. Integration of technology in healthcare has been and will continue to be one of the major interests in the healthcare field. Despite the advancing technology, morbidity and mortality related complications are far from positively advancing. Health concerns have shifted in recent years.
First, mental health and substance abuse has long been of healthcare concerns. However, higher incidence of mental health over cancer have been reported after coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic. Substance use may not seem one of the major health issues, however, substance use is estimated to cause over eight million deaths per year. Infectious diseases seem to be affecting health in greater incidences despite the advancing technology.
Climate changes, advances in technology, and end of pandemic led to greater rate of travel and closer contact between hosts and parasites. Sexual and reproductive health has also is a concern for the upcoming years. Although management of maternal health has improved throughout the years infertility and reproductive cancer are of concern. Cancer is globally a leading cause of death. Mitigating cancer-related mortality and morbidity would a major concern for the era of increasing lifespan. Adult-onset diseases including diabetes and cardiovascular disease are debilitating condition severely affecting people, healthcare systems, and the economy. Self-management education and support is crucial in preventing and alleviating complications and mitigating the impact of the disease.
Environmental pollution and climate change have been a concern of recent years. However, recent years, pollution and climate have been impacting human health closer than ever. Climate change has been acknowledged by the World Health Organization as the foremost health threat to humanity in the near future. The prevalence of heat waves is linked to heightened risks of illness and mortality, as well as reduced access to food and nutrition.
Although emerge of technology and information may seem to save lives and improve lifestyle, healthcare experts are still faced with newly emerging concerns as well as existing concerns. We are still unable to eradicate many of the old and newly emerging problems. With rapidly changing climate and environment, it can be overwhelming to annihilate existing and newly emerging health issues. However, human body has the mechanism to adapt to various environmental changes through homeostatic responses and shield and protect itself strongly through proper conditioning and physical activity.
Healthcare experts must acknowledge the physiological changes of human body to rapidly changing environment and provide proper management method. The members of Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation acknowledge emerging health problems of upcoming year and provide scientifically reliable information for proper defense against rapidly changing environment. The members of Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation should be armed not only with scientific knowledge, but also with changes in the environment and climate, outbreaks of diseases and infections on the other side of the globe, and mental as well as physical issues.



No potential conflict of interest relevant to this article was reported.

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